Bacigalupi Zin during Veraison


Located in the Russian River Valley along the famed Westside Road the Bacigalupi's have nurtured  grapevines since the mid 1950's.  Part of the old Frost Ranch, which the Bacigalupi's purchased in 1990, our sustainably farmed 1.5 acre block (Frost 4A) of approximately 60 year old head trained Zinfandel is located on a knoll just west of Westside Road.  Ranging in elevation from 150 to 200 feet the knoll the vineyard block sits upon slopes north to south and west to east.  This alignment allows for full days of sun which is beneficial given this area is known for its unique climate of cool mornings and warm afternoons.  It is from this historic small block and special place that we produce our vineyard specific Bacigalupi Old Vine Zinfandel.